Posted: Jun 03 2015

On May 20th, I attended an event hosted by Chef Hugh Acheson (Bravo's 'Top Chef') at one of his FOUR restaurants Empire State South. Endangered Eats was billed as "a one-day only tasting menu featuring endangered species... By eating these rare species, we can help save them." Now, you know I became skeptical upon reading about eating anything "endangered". The older I get the more I am willing to 'try anything once'… almost.

Chef Acheson presented us with five dishes (four pictured below) and would not inform us what the contents were until AFTER we ate them…. all. The event was being filmed for the Chef's promotional and marketing needs so I couldn't make faces or sniff the food like I would do if I didn't have eyes on me. I put on my big boy pants and dug in. After everyone completed their meals, Chef Acheson returned and explained to everyone that the "endangered species" was actually…. the Cherokee purple tomato- included in every dish! I was relieved! And then I remembered all of the chewy and unidentifiable cuisine I just enjoyed. What was the rest of it? The Chef informed us that we feasted on smoked catfish belly (Whisker Shooter), beef heart (Thump In The Night), pressed Guinea hen (Fowl Play), and pork tenderloin (Running Scarce). Not bad. 

This tasting was to promote the Chef's partnership with Seeds of Change (a supplier of organically grown seeds) and the Save The Flavors campaign.

For more, visit the following: HughAcheson.comSaveTheFlavors.com, and SeedsOfChange.com