In 2007, Diaz Allen founded DIAZ ALLEN DESIGNS after designing for a large furniture and home décor retailer. His design firm has attracted clientele with a plethora of backgrounds, budgets and lifestyles. In addition to designing for residential projects, he has developed a niche for designing commercial spaces for small businesses. After working with several major corporations, Diaz has mastered the art of branding. By owning his own businesses, he has recognized the importance of developing a solid brand. Through graphic design, he has given many businesses a visual identity. Whether he is creating for individuals or corporate entities, he provides customized designs and handles each project with unparalleled service, creativity and efficiency. As a designer, Diaz has a flair for locating luxurious, unique items for his clients. His passion led him to create his own products under the  DIAZ ALLEN ATLANTA and DIAZ ALLEN LIVING monikers. He offers his products through online resources. Diaz is a serial entrepreneur and is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Rags N Riches Magazine. He is also the Director of Operations for The Raphael Baker Agency and the author of “Blessed & Highly Flavored: A Legacy Of Southern Cooking.” A native of North Carolina, Diaz earned his undergraduate degree in Visual Arts (Design) from NC A&T State University and currently resides in Atlanta, GA.